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Photos copied from other sites Answered

I came across this instructable.


The images are copied. I doubt if the author has really done this recipe. Found the same photos in the link below.


I am not sure how it got featured.
I feel original 'ibles should be found and given more importance.

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When you find projects that you suspect are plagiarized you should send an email with links to the instructable and the original source to service@instructables.com

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Downunder35m (author)2014-08-11

There is other things here too where you can find images that are from other sources.

I would say if in doubt leave credits for the person that provided the pictures.

But if on top of the pictures the content is copied as well, or re-phrased in a very simple way, the question must be asked whether or not the poster here is the author of the work on other websites as well.

Copycats are a pain in every forum and only if posters do the right thing all is good.

But compared to other sites the copied content is really not much.

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doodlecraft (author)2014-08-11

Oh man, glad you are on top of things! Thanks! :)

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Kiteman (author)2014-08-11

It's possible that the author wrote the other project (my first few instructables were first written for another website), but if you a sure of wrong-doing, hit the flag button and move on (I would suggest "inappropriate").

In a situation as you describe, I would also drop a line to service@instructables.com as well, so that they can have a word with whoever featured it.

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mile stone (author)Kiteman2014-08-11

I feel it is copied. One of the photo is the original recipe of Renowned chef Claire Robinson.


Others are from various sites as given above.

It did not strike me about the flag option. Hope the author take this in a good sense and make original ones.

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