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Photos on tiles I'm wanting to place photos onto tiles? Answered

I have many pretty photos of animals and scenes, as these are my own photos I would like to incorporate them into the home decor. I already have many framed and think tiles would be a good option. The end result being a washable surface. I am open to new suggestions of ways to display my photos.



7 years ago

I think orksecurity's suggestion is very good DIY.

You can also reach out to commercial operations.  I don't know the process, but there are printers that can print directly to ceramics (and other things).  I had a neighbor that tried to run a small business doing just this out of his garage.  His printer looked like a souped up desktop printer.  The output was like enamel paint, tough and durable.

Personally, I prefer orksecurity's suggestion, but search "printing on ceramic tiles" for commercial options, if that appeals to you.  I can't vouche for the pricing, but the quality I saw was excellent.

ceramic printer.jpg

There are a number of companies on the web which will do this for you.

You could try an iron-on transfer, and apply a protective varnish over that to get a washable surface. I've never tried it, but see https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-unique-tile-picture-for-less-than-3/