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Phun -- "Coolest science toy ever?" Answered

Phun - the 2D physics sandbox, has been called the "Coolest science toy ever" by the folks at Bad Science.

Phun is a neat little physics simulation environment with gravity rules, etc., and a very simple real-time interface. Try it!

The free download is here.


OE Cake is way better

OE Cake is discontinued. Whereas Phun is now Algodoo and is still being worked on. As far as I know.


9 years ago

i cant make something useful


9 years ago

I dunno. I have trouble considering software "a toy." Model rockets are cool science toys. k'nex and lego and electronics sets are cool science toys - and physics is included for free! No simulation required!

Downloaded. Looks really awesome.

This software looks very nice. I will try it out.

There are similar games to this....but this one is by far the best one that I have played!

Reminds me of crazy machines, but of course this has a more complex physics and vector engine :)

. That's tres kewl! I was very surprised at how fast it runs, even the carcrash demo (File...:Load Scene...:Load carcrash). . The DOS window that pops up scared me. heehee

Aww :-(
Why doesnt it work?

A to the system connected device is not functioning / The file phun.exe is linked to the missing Export-Kernel32.DLL:CreateHardLinkA

Using Windows 98 SE Here, Kernel32.dll in /system.


. Works for me using Win XP Pro SP2.

It doesn't work for me either :(

Dude Thanks~!I just downloaded that game. It is so fun! Thank you so much man!!!!!

Just been playing on it for half an hour, man it's fun :D Thanks!

Looks Cool! Gonna try it defo.