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Pico fuse help? Answered

Dear all..
By accident (short circuit) the pico fuse  in my watt meter is blown . Could you help me to know value of ampere (ie: 250v 1/4 amp...) of this pico fuse. the dimension  and color code in photo please. In the time waiting your help can I used glass fuse for replace .Thank you so much



That is not a fuse. That is a 61 Ohms 10% resistor. Pico fuses (when they have color bands) will only have 3 color bands. Otherwise their value is printed on them.

This Comment was made 3 years ago so things may have changed, (I'm going through the same troubles now figuring out if I have a slow-blow or fast-blow). In the post he said he just used a glass fuse and works fine? LittleFuse does have 4 banded Pico Fuses, however if it's the aprox size of a 1 Watt Resistor, I doubt it's a "Pico".


How do you know its a fuse ?

Dear steveastrouk.

I tried replace by 100ohm 1watt resistor it quickly too hot.

next I used a glass fuse 1/4 amp is working ( but not sure alright)

Yes I am not sure it is pico fuse. But when cut ( cross-sectional) I seen outside paint + code color, next metal??? and inside is white ceramic ̣??? ̣ Please see photo and thank you so much for your time reply help me.

pico fuse1.JPG

You need to explain why its getting hot. What are you doing with this meter ? You describe it as a watt meter ?

Dear steveastrous

After tried to replace with new 100 ohm 1watt resistor,put it in power ( no load) approach 30 second resistor start smoke.

-I used this meter for measure power mini tesla coil

(30 to 80watts at 60v)

- Now my problem is solve (used glass fuse)

.Once again thanks your enthusiasm
to help me.
Yours sincerely

$T2eC16watt meter.JPG