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Picture Quiz 2! Answered

I PMd Lemonie a load of ideas for his next picture quiz, to follow on from the last one. It appears that it has fallen to me to make this one, with patches as prizes to be awarded by me, or by Lemonie if I run out.


Here are the pictures, they spell out the names of active instructablers. Post below if you think you've worked one or more out, see the previous thread if you're unsure how this works!

1)Dinner Jacket + Radioactive + Ronnie James Dio m/ - (congrats NachoMahma)
2)Fungus under a microscope + (a) + Mung Beans + Universal Studios - (congrats Hiyadudez)
3)Lithiography + Podium + Grain = Lithium Rain
4) Jeff Hardy + Cherios - (congrats Lemonie)
5) Nacho + Mother Teresa (Mahma) - (congrats Thermoelectric)
6) G-Wizz + Michael Jackson + Lord Howe Islan - (congrats gmjhowe)
7) Sun in a Jar + Snowbanks - (congrats Nachomahma)
8) Fake Troll = Froll + Yard Sale - (congrats gmjhowe)
9) Nine Inch Nails (NIN) + Zirconia + Mr Bean - (congrats NachoMahma)


Is no one going to guess the ladies that are in pictures 3 and 10? They'll be mighty offended no one's remembered them.

I have tried, but I'm struggling. Any clues? :-)

The fact that they're female narrowed it down enough I thinks.

The only other thing I could tag the Scream with is the method, I'm guessing you got it here?
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But the wheat field...?


Lemonie's getting closer.

Mmm, If I got the wheat-field I might have it, but am I looking at that wrongly?


It's not a wheat field per say. What is growing and what are other words for that.

You "getting it right" I was referring to the method of which scream was done in that photo.

That would complete it.


Lithography+podiun+grain = Lithium Rain.


dangit, I just figured it out on my own then I saw your comment.

So that leaves 10, Christingle and a Nokia NGAG...


3- I know its Scream by Edvard Munch, winner?, and wheat?

10- A Christingle, or maybe the candle in it? and a Nokia NGAGE thing?

Waaaa! Im still stuck!

You have the clues for 10 guessed right.

Who's going to work out the last 3?

Clue for number 2. The middle picture is the key, what is it?

Green mung beans, it's the other two I've spend more time on.


Oh I see. You know who it is but can't work out the relevance of the first and third pictures? I was hoping someone would recognise that rollercoaster.

That's fungus? I did look for that, but it seemed more plant like... I suppose that's something well-developed like a mushroom?


Ahhh. Woops sorry. I deliberately put that one in to be hard because putting a mushroom down would have given it away!

Yes, I suppose so. But easy is no fun.


I know what that rollercoaster is. Incredible Hulk right?

Also, can I have a clue for the 1st picture on the second one.

Florida? Ohh...  I think I might know...

No, and I did spend time looking. You must have got the image from somewhere else where it's not titled "rollercoaster one"?


Im stuck on #3.

I know its Scream by Edvard Munch, winner?, and wheat?

Any clues? :-)

2= Fungus under a microscope, Mung beans, Hulk rollercoaster- US

The US (Unitedn states where the hulk rollercoaster is)

Am I right?

Yep. It was meant to be Universal Studios, but close enough :p

.  Wow!  This one is hard.

.  9 = Ninzerbean = Nine Inch Nails (NIN) + zir(conia) + (Mr) Bean

I've a guess for 2, but I might try to work it out...


(yes I'll donate patches if you run out)

I'll guess that Jeff-o is number 4 but I don't know who that guy is.


.  #1 = DJ Radio = ?? + ra(dioactive) + (Ronnie James) Dio

You got the ibler right, from the last picture. Your guesses at the 1st and 2nd pic aren't right though. :D

 7. Sunjar + Banks of snow = Sunbanks

 7. g + Michael Jackson + Lord Howe Island = gmjhowe

 8. Troll Sounds like Froll + Yard sale = Frollard