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Picture of Instructables/Squid Labs HQ in 1963 Answered

Telstar Logistics sent me this picture of the Alameda Naval Air Station from 1963, where you can see the control tower, which is the current Instructables and Squid Labs HQ.

Original photo available here, where it's noted that:
In the foreground: a Piper U-11A Aztec
In the background: a Lockheed P2V Neptune from Patrol Squadron VP-19, tail no. 147948
Photo from the collection of William T. Larkins


I know it's been years, but if you don't mind my asking, How the heck did you manage to rent that place? I mean, it's not like it was listed on Trulia or something (or was it?). So how did you manage to rent the place?

Nutty. Here's a shot from the inside around the same time.


Notice how everyone is wearing sunglasses.... It's way to bright up there!!


11 years ago

...............................What can I say??.............................


11 years ago

Looks like that's taken from near where the Least Tern nesting site is now. There's a fence across the whole runway area and only Fish & Wildlife personnel are allowed in - the Least Tern is apparently highly endangered and the nesting site here is one of a very small number left in the world. (The runway is fairly broken up these days, with grass and shrubbery and very small rocks all over. The Least Tern nests on the ground, which I expect contributes to their endangered status.)