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Pictures of my glasses....... Answered

Best picture in the world..


my glasses


Hey, not bad. They look almost just like mine. I take them off and point them at people for emphasis. I also scoot them down on my nose occasionally (and look over them) so as to look quizical and superior to someone when they are trying to lecture me.

I thought you said you didn't have glasses, and, i'll need to try that.

I've got glasses, but I need new ones. My current ones are like 6 or 7 tears old. But yeah, try the "looking over the glasses" thing. It can be mildly offensive/irritating, but sometimes that's what you want.

For some reason, even when i'm not trying, i'm offensive or irritating. But when i'm trying to do it to people, it can bring a chuckle to one's day.

I figure a person who's not at least a little offensive probably doesn't really stand for anything. And hey, we can all use a good chuckle now and then.

The great thing about glasses is i can take them off dramatic like and say "My god."

Ummm...what the...?

why are you hiding your glasses. I mean you created one forum topic to announce your glasses, then posted some pictures of everything except your glasses and THEN created another forum to show off your glasses. Im just saying, wouldnt one forum been enough. btw they look nice.

No i didn't, i posted a forum topic, that i was getting glasses, when i got glasses, i posted another forum topic when i had my glasses.

well you can always edit your forum topics with more pictures, or heck at least include a dang link to this topic. Them glasses make you look older. You look like you could walk into a store and buy lotto tickets or something.

Yeah, but I think he would still be carded. I think you have to be of legal age to even buy scratch-off lotto tickets.

Those people dont care. I only get carded when i buy beer or stuff at walmart. And i look young too, i avoid the sun and moisturize daily.


9 years ago

Hehe. =D

I'm too scared and prefer hiding behind my monitor.


Ta - nice control of the hair in these. L

In the last Forum you added a comment about hair - Under the hat now (I could do with a hat...) L