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Piece List - Big Air Ball Tower? Answered

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The KNex WeaselBest Answer (author)2010-02-19

Black 3/4" Rod: 81
White 1.5" Rod: 74
Blue 2.25" Rod: 180
Yellow 3.75" Rod: 95
Red 3.75" Flexi Rod: 25
Red 5.5" Rod: 129
Gray/Orange 7.5" Rod: 39

Black Y Connector: 6
Tan Connector: 2
Metallic Blue Connector: 10
Dark Gray 1-slot Connector: 16
Light Gray 2-slot 45* Connector: 3
Red 3-slot Connector: 73
Orange 2-slot 180* Connector: 14
Green 4-slot Connector: 34
Yellow 5-slot Connector: 46
White 8-slot Connector: 33
Orange 5-slot Connector with tab: 26
Silver 4-slot 3D Connector: 196
Blue 7-slot 3D Connector: 94
Black Hinges (2-piece): 4

Blue Spacer: 68
Silver Spacer: 73
Large Wheel: 2
Medium Tire: 1

Orange Boom Arm: 2
Ball: 4 (yellow, green, blue, red/Boz)
Tubing: 2 four-foot-long strands
Combined Flexi-Tube parts: 5
Combined Clear Tubes: 6
Flexi Tube Clamp: 8
Clear Tube Clamp: 2
Combined Orange Air Tube Connectors: 5
Combined other specialty parts: 11

Hope this helps.

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chopstx (author)2009-06-19

find it out for yourself. go to a wal mart and look at the box lazy bones!

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coolknexcreations (author)2009-05-15

just wondering, why do you want all these piece lists? please reply

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So I know what I'm getting for my money

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