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Pinouts! Answered

Hey Instructabl-ERS! I got this swank old SwiMP3 player, meant to blast rockin tunes straight into your skull via bone conduction, and I'm growing flippers in sweaty anticipation of tuning in, turning on, diving in, and rocking out. BUT. it has this wonky old pinout, and their customer service hasn't gotten back to me yet to tell me how to swiftly solder up a new one. And I wanna load my tunes and charge the internal batteries and stuff. So I pose this question to YOU, instructables! Do you have one of these with a cable I can copy? Do you have one of these and know what the pinout is? electrically yours! --Star

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Emperor Dane (author)2009-04-16

might be a late reply, but its probably strait up usb.


it looks like they used a port similar to ps2 to pump usb. so standard +5, gnd, d+, D-

you could get that adapter from an old kvm switch that pulls together keyboard + mouse

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stasterisk (author)Emperor Dane2009-04-16

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, Dane! I will try this out pronto. Good call on finding the CNET article, it looks dated right to be the v1 (shown here) and not their v2 model which is definitely USB (Their customer service still hasn't gotten back to me with the info, despite repeated attempts and 1 occasion of talking to an actual person who attempted to connect me to someone else and failed. Come on, Finis!)

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aperezmatos (author)stasterisk2012-05-23

Hi stasterisk. I just got a swimp3 v1 without the cable. Were you able to build a cable for yours using the ps/2 female end? If so, how? (like what color goes with what, I'm a biologist :- { ) Thanks!

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