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Pivot Collaboration Answered

Many people enjoy keith-kid's instructable on pivot, but because he no longer "pivots", the instructable has been discontinued. I'd like some collaborators, along with me, to produce an other instructable which covers more topics and covers them in greater detail. If I get enough acceptance, I'll make a start, but only if people are happy to collaborate. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



8 years ago

It's a good idea, but what else could we bring to the table that the old one didn't?

You forgot the link to the ible.

Rather than one giant Instructable, I would suggest publishing a series of projects, each with a different focus, so that people searching for the answer to a particular question would be more likely to find it.

That's a good idea. Perhaps I could try an introduction to pivot on one instructable and link to the projects on the last step for "further instructions" or similar. Thank you kiteman :D

Count me in.

I have Pivot on my computer, could you maybe add me as a collaborator? So i could see the kind of stuff you're going to be writing about, as I'm not exactly an expert on it.

But i've been on it long enough to know the great basics.

i havent got pivot because ive got a mac so i cant do it ive been on it at skool though