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Plant Electricity Generator?! Answered

OK. this is gonna sound very crazy. i remember learning this thing about photosynthesis. there are electron acceptors and donors. during photosynthesis, the electrons are passed on and on. it's like redox reaction. or perhaps it is redox reaction. anyway i came up with a crazy idea of generating electricity from plants. there just might not be enough electrons to do the "work" (to get at least 5V? impossible.). batteries have the + and - terminal. plants have electron acceptors and donors. crazy, eh? what do y'all think?


Yes, redox. I was thinking the same thing.......

Well photosynthesis generates energy to make simple sugars etc. out of carbon dioxide and water, alogn with nutrients etc. there's probably a way to use the process to make electricity, using bacterial coloies of photosynthesising bacteria, possibly even manufactured for the process, much like the way insulin can be produced with bacteria... however finding out how to harness the power from it and also whether it's actually more efficient than solar cells is the big problem, if someone finds out how the efficiency thing wouldn't be hard to find out, you could use massive plates that work like leaves to do it...