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Plastic Bottle Boat Set to Sail Pacific Answered

Talk about keeping the bottle - how about keeping 12,000!

David De Rothschild is currently building a sailboat from 90% recycled materials, which he has dubbed the Plastiki and plans to sail from California to Australia!

Joining him on the Plastiki will be a permanent crew of three sailors and scientists plus a handful of other crew members who will rotate through the voyage. The Plastiki is expected to stop in Hawaii, Tuvalu and Fiji on its way to Sydney, a trip estimated to take more than 100 days.

The vessel's twin hulls will be filled with 12,000 to 16,000 bottles. Skin-like panels made from recycled PET, a woven plastic fabric, will cover the hulls and a watertight cabin, which sleeps four. Two wind turbines and an array of solar panels will charge a bank of 12-volt batteries, which will power several onboard laptop computers, a GPS and SAT phone.

The plastic sailboat is taking shape in an old pier building not far from this city's famous Fisherman's Wharf and is scheduled to set sail in April.

Read the whole story at CNN's Tech spot.


It must be real, they have a CGI mockup!!! Okay, that snarky little comment is directed at so much of the online environmental community which seems to like to propose some pie in the sky idea and present a some cgi as a fait accompli.

Okay, now that that is out of my system, here's an actual pic of the prototype.

See Kestrel Aerospace. I've been following this company for years since I saw the founder (and as far as I can tell only member) of the company making ridiculous pie-in-the-sky claims about his prototype on Dragon's Den back in the day.

Every year or so I search for it again, see a few new cheapo renderings of the aircraft designs (that look like sketches I drew in my schoolbooks), more ridiculous claims about their propulsion system that runs on rainwater and dreams, and more obtuse invitations for investment money.

This does get to me about renewable energy companies, though- I'm sure if they spent half their web design budgets on prototypes instead we would all be using solar power by now :P

Reminds me of Wiessteinberg's plastic bottle raft.

I hope they can use this to highlight the millions of tons of plastic waste washing around the Pacific and killing untold amounts of marine life.

i think it would cost more to make a boat out of recycled stuff, then to buy a decent, used boat