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Plastic Cases Answered

I wanted to know what the best way to open a screw-less plastic case is. I am trying to open an ac-dc wall adapter for a project. The thing seems to be glued firmly shut. The last time I tried this with a different adapter I had to take a 20 pound weight and smash it (mostly out of frustration), which did not end well for the case or the parts inside. Both need to be intact.


if really really careful, maybe a nichrome wire and a battery ?

Won't it melt the plastic? I need it to fit back together.

yeah it will melt it, and if it is a decently thin line, will not remove much, but it should create an identical cut on top and bottom of the cut. They should fit together pretty well. if only a little shorter then before.


10 years ago

I usually use a saw. For instance, see the CFL dissassembly, but that doesn't bode well for putting it back together without an ugly gash. Some things just aren't designed to come apart once they've been glued together.

I suppose it would work if I glued it back together again. Some that I have tried are easier to pry apart than others.