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Play SNES on your iPad Answered

There are more and more gaming apps coming to the iPad all the time, but if you have a retro gaming itch that you want to scratch you can play SNES games on it with a Wiimote. Lifehacker breaks it down into four easy steps so you can see if you can still get high scores on the classics.

How to Play SNES on your iPad in Four Easy Steps


This makes me want one even more! I'd been wanting one for ebooks anyway (reading them on a Touch just doesn't cut it...) but this is much cooler. :D

/me is getting an iPad this week I hope!

You are making a serious mistake....

If you've got the money then it's not too bad, but if you honestly want something worth what you pay for it's not that great.

I know several people who have one and find it well worth it. Generally they are folks who spend a lot of time reading online, have a commute when they can use it, or both.

:P What's this "hold of death" that I hear about the new generation iPod Touch and iPhone?

I want something worth what I pay for, which is why I want to get the iPhone 4 later on. My old 3G is starting to show signs of wear and failure.

OOHH the iPad! It's just what I wanted! A big inconvenience!!! :D

Is it worth the risk to jailbreak your ipad?

does it work with ipod?


8 years ago

Now if only I had an iPad...


Reply 8 years ago

You can do the lo-fi version of this if you have an Android phone.  There is an app you can get that lets you use a Wii controller as an input method to Android. 

To play NES games on your Android phone, you need to
- install this app
- add the Wiimote as an input method
- tether the Wiimote to the phone (which involves jumping through some hoops- it was all very flaky when I tried but might have got better since then)
- fire up your emulator of choice (I used NESoid Lite because it was free)
- set up the controls in your emulator to use the Wiimote input as a control method
- play!


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Well, I don't have a cell phone, either... I had a cell phone, but when I didn't use it for 3 months when I went to the bahamas, they deactivated it, and I never bothered to reactivate it. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to go a little while longer without playing snes :D