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Play with trash, win $10k Answered

If you're a kid and you're pretty crafty, check out this Trash to Treasure contest that's being run by PBS' Design Squad show. Oddly enough, there's no definition of what a kid is and if that's physical age or mental, but I'm guessing it's under 18 or so.

The goal of the contest is for kids to take discarded items and turn them into functional products. The grand prize winner gets the $10k prize and will work with pros to make a prototype of the winning design.

This is very cool and will be running from April 1 to June 30.

Some effusive comments from the organizer:

"We are eager to see kids' ideas and everyday items transformed into innovative and intriguing inventions. What a great way to inspire a fresh approach to recycling, not to mention a new crop of engineers and designers!" said Brenda Musilli, Worldwide Director of Intel Education and President of the Intel Foundation.

Trash to Treasure press release


OK heres the deal!

you guys help me make something really cool, I take the credit, we split the money

I could do that!

Maybe if I squat down while I post ...

I would have to use a LOT of make up too LOL

Cool. I could do that.


Ah, something after my own heart!