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Please help me with my instructale! Answered

Hello I am working on a series of instrucales on dreadlocks, Starting, cleaning, maintenance..... I want the first one to e things to consider and decide before dreading. So although it will have pictures it wouldn't be instructing anything so much as giving guidelines to help you give your dread the est start they could have. Do you think I could enter this as a step be step?


I would make that the first step or two of a longer step-by-step.

You're more likely to get a higher view-count (and more likely to be featured here and on other websites) if you create a single, comprehensive step-by-step guide to starting and maintaining dreadlocks.

Yes, it will be a bigger job, but if a project's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

I had considered that, I wonder If I could it would e super long. Hmm I would like it to e more together. Another things I'm worried about is that people will no e able to search for the different sections individually.

Long is OK.

Searching isn't a problem either, since google will bring people to the step they need, and you can include navigation links in the introduction, like I did in step two of this instructable.

Do you know if I could publish it a a short ebook. That would be great.