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Pocket-Sized Winners Announced Answered

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners fromPocket-Sized Speed Contest!

This has been a doozy of a speed contest with over 150 entries, many of them amazing. You blew us away with all of the cool things you can make that you can also fit in your pocket. A great job all around.

There were a couple of interesting twists and turns here. For one, user PocketSized ran away with the votes. Apparently the name is a fitting one.

The other thing that you might find a little odd is that the Instructable with the third highest pageviews is the winner. The #1 entry was disqualified since Brita filters aren't so pocket-sized. I tried it out and it wasn't comfortable and my pants got all soggy. It wasn't pretty. Don't worry, we'll still send IAMSatisfied something cool since it was quite good.

The #2 pageviews would've been the winner except that it was also chosen as the random winner. This bumps the sweet engagement ring Instructable to the top spot.

Thanks to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun and this is one that we'll be doing again in the future. Now, on with the winners!

Top Votes and Pageviews

The authors of these three Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key

Top Votes


Pocket Graffiti Pen
by PocketSized

Steampunk Finger Stylus
by robbtoberfest

Making a custom Platinum Diamond engagement ring
by chrisparry


The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of Tetranitrate's pocket, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key.

and the random winner is...
this entry from someone who also rocked the pageviews.


dude thtas gr8!! i wish that i wnt be a winner to man !!!!

go down really fast its cool

i made the graffiti pen it rocked

Cool! Thanks everyone! I love these speed contests! but do I really need another t-shirt?

Always, I actually grew out of mine since burning questions last round, taller wasn't a bother but grew side ways aswell now all my older t-shirts are triangles and the robot is quite a shape indeed

LOL I am not laughing at you but at a thought I just had prompted by what you wrote I have button shirts that look like potentially deadly weapons (buttons stretched to such a limit it looks like they will soon launch like rockets at anyone standing in front of me....sigh, I have have to loose some of this...)

Lose some buttons or shirts? It's quite a funny situation, I thought I'd stopped growing but in the last few months I've continued to get taller and my shoulders got alot wider seemingly overnight, a previous girlfriend made that observation, I grow in proportion mostly so never notice when I do, only problem is my arms look awfully out of place to me now... I may cut one off to see how it looks... I love the idea of that rocket button shirt, Q always said bond was a little skinny on it...

When I stopped shooting upwards (in my 30's), my growth leveled off. But a month after I stopped smoking (that would have been Aug 2002, I quit in July) I gained 20 lbs. I have finally slowed that "growth" here of late, but I still look like I could give birth at any second *sigh*

Unfortunately, the buttons would be very unpredictable as to when they "launched". :-)

You could use fuse wire as a weak thread and break it with a current when needed... hmm a little morning excercise or physical activity before the first meal increases yor metabolism throughout the day, or getting toned up a bit, the extra muscle burns extra calories making losing weight quicker... Or loads of coffee? : )

I work a weird shift. So "breakfast" is normally near 11 am to 1 pm sometimes. Living in an apt. hinders me further. But as the weather warms, I may start to "go to work earlier" so I can use the gym they have for the employees. :-)

Also, when the weather co-operates, I walk to work.... tis only about 5 blocks or so...but it is still better then driving it.

If you could be bothered then cycling would be great, for a fast shoot down to work, getting your metabolic rate up and allowing you to enjoy oustide while leaving as late as you feel necessary, 5 blocks would be what a half mile a quarter mile? I always cycle to work, and everywhere I can, mainly because I enjoy going like an absolute lunatic and getting to controla vehicle completely under my own power. The gym would be good after work maybe, if you need to get changed and stuff time would be an issue...

Because no one is here "after I am finished" I am not allowed in the gym "by myself". They don't want me having a heart attack and then not discovering my body until next morning :-) The walk if best for now. Until I build myself up a bit. I have started to push it a little....making the walk more brisk (remember I am nearly 50 and have been static and inactive for the better portion of the past decade. Mostly from depression and such. That is all lifting now, but I have to move forward slowly :-)

Cutting out the Buffets would help too :-)

I couldn't give up buffets, ever lol I suppose that taking it easy might be a good idea, just having a wee walk daily at some point and build up briskness? I'd say get up to a certain briskness and slowly build distance after would be safer, that way the heart attack is unlikely because you're losing what's putting extra strain, I think... Honestly with the amount I eat and stuff I'm suprised I didn't gain alot of weight over last year, loads of take out, depression and far too much alcohol, apparently everyone wants to party with the bereaved... (too morbid?) It's interesting because my mum experienced a sped up version of this after a car crash that gave her a bad shoulder and she went with a semi-diet, just less junk and booze and more excercise, she gained some toning muscle and soon found that she could eat whatever again, it was the inactivity that did it. Sadly she still has bingo wings... If that all seems odd to tell you, it was just a good case, she had a pretty extreme weight gain going on that got stopped, I assume that having a level weight to start with makes it easier...

Honestly with the amount I eat and stuff I'm suprised I didn't gain alot of weight over last year

Well, when I was younger, I could put away a couple (2 or 3 ) pizza, and look for dessert. I had a metabolism that just didn't stop.....until I got to be about 35...then I slowed down my eating a bit. When I stopped smoking, I restarted (substituted the night time snacking and the all you can eat buffets, and the inactivity cost me my 155 weight and frame. Now 90 lbs later, I can't "easily" put on my own shoes. That is sad (and painful). But I have the desire (and need) to get back to a better weight, one way or another. :-)

It's good that you see this, I see large number of people who just aren't bothered if they're big, I suppose understanding it all helps too... I have the same kind of metabolic rate it's just that there was a point where I was drinking heavily 5 or 6 nights a week and eating the trashiest food ever...

well, I was never for "fast foods", candies, etc I truly love veggies etc and well made healthy foods.....I have to cut back on the quantities. A helping of veggies is NOT the amount I can fit on a large dinner plate :-) with the other plate filled with meat and pasta *sigh* It is a psychological/anxiety based problem really.

Hmm apparently the same goes for sweet potatoes, everytime I know I'm eating something better for me I feel compelled to eat double the amount, I prefer sweet potatoes to standard potatoes and they're quite good for you, so I would be happy to sit and eat four or five large ones at sunday dinner... pasta is also a big problem, it's so easy to go for round six or seven... meat is probably a bigger problem for you, it's hard for me to find somewhere capable of satisfying my meat appetite, hungry horse do a good 20oz steak called the dinosaurus, you get a second free if you flirt with the waitress...

We had a restaurant nearby called Fuddruckers, where you CAN get a 1/4 lb hamburger, but nobody does. Most people go for the 1/2, 3/4 or full pound hamburgers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for me) they did not last long in our area, almost a full 2 years.
More on Fuddruckers....

I have to go to springsteen's to get a full pound burger but I'm very friendly with one of the chefs and a couple of waitresses so I tend to get good value, ever seen a triple pound burger before? three slabs of meat, cheese between each slab, salad and onion rings with BBQ sauce on top, it was more of a chore to pick it up and put it back down during eating than the actual eating, afterwards I was taken to the front of the resteraunt and mildly applauded due to not so substantial size, I made the mistake of bowing and actually hur my stomach muscles...

it's a joy to eat... it really is a hobby of mine... lol I saw the gym comments on the way down, you could get a gym buddy and scream motivational phrases at each other...

Not at the hours I work. I go in to work, relate to them concerns, get any special instructions and they leave and I am alone the rest of the night. Now, if I start going early, well, most of those (not a large number to be sure) I don't really know. I still have to arrange things beforehand, etc. It is such a hassle to change, exercise, change back, and then work the next 9 hours. *sigh*

That was more a joke, if it worked it would be funny to hear goodharts motivational bellowings at 3am

pump those legs! come on move it you lack luster ya ! One two three four....pick it up now, we have to increase our effort up from 2 Hz up to 4 - 5 Hz ! Keep that cycle humming ! LOL

excellent it's got me think of KXCD the resonance leg wobbling...

I should have added to: Keep that cycle humming ! LOL this: or the lights will go out |!

Just stop drinking soda. I know people who drink maybe a liter or 2 liter of coke per day on average (thats 300-maybe even one thousand+ calories) getting rid of pop entirely would help you considerably along with eating fruits instead of desert (both have sugar, but only one of the two is healthy. That along with exercise would help a lot (start off small like walking, them do short jogs/weights/etc. Just some thoughts on losing a little weight for summer.

What is soda ? :-) The carbonation makes my acid reflux worse, I can't drink sodas. Not for the past 20 years anyway. Oh sure, the occasional Fresca, like 6 cans per.....year. But nothing of note.

Hmm.... you didn't mention anything about dessert*... is there a reason why? Dessert includes: any candy, chocolate, cake, etc. *misspelled dessert as desert, my bad. I don't eat barren wastelands either.*

I don't normally have desserts either. I would much rather have a second helping of vegies, but the problem of portioning still comes in. No matter how healthy things are, I still can not eat 3 plates of asparagus, a half pound of meat, a plate of carrots, a baked potato, etc, etc. The only Chocolate I consume is one or two small "squares" of either Lindt 85% cacao or Mosers (German) 70%. But not much of it. Neither is very sweet. Neither has "milk fat" in them. And the little bit I eat, allows me to make a "candy bar" last most of 7 days, (most people I know that eat "candy" don't care for the Lindt bar I eat, because of the lack of sweetness). I am not much for sweets.....although I have a weakness for "Death by Chocolate" icecream, which is why I never keep it in the house.

Even coffee has "fats" in it, and so, if I do not become more active, that will only dehydrate me, not help me loose.

I have heard some promising things about a few foods I want to look into...we shall see :-)

Yeah - I somehow quit smoking during my final growth spurt, so not only did my shoulders widen, the belly did as well. 40 pounds in a month. 5 years later still not smoking, but the belly remains. :[

Hmm, well, I don't want to go 10 years straining to put on socks and finding that tying / untying shoes is a labor best done at least 1-2 hours before eating anything. To pick up something dropped on the floor, I have to go down on one knee like I was about to be knighted.....*sigh*

Congrats! Love your Instructable!!!

You know, I could use one....;-)


10 years ago

At least killerjackalopes jet engine got random. I think it was the best. The others didn't interest me. Meh

Congrats to the winners! Another super-successful contest this month..... it's incredible how many there are nowadays.....

Hooray Killerjackalope!

All the time G-Baby... Yes that on might be abit obscured to you don't worry though....

Well, you could be making reference to "g's" as in gravities, but I doubt it, or to G-baby watches, although the association with the pocket rocket seems to be remiss. Of course, there is always the Urban definition: a young person who follows an entourage acting as a pupil and personal PR agent :-)

Well actually I was making a joke of your name in an urbanite context. more specifically about todays young, white, bald rapper complex that at least 50% of the teenage population grew for a few years.

Good job, everyone. There was some tough competition on this contest! The instructables were very creative, and, again, good job. :)

Can we have an instructable on making one of those hats? Please?