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Pop Up Card Theme Ideas Answered

Hi, I am new here and am looking for theme ideas for the inside of a standard basic layer Thank you pop up card for a colleague and am having "crafter's block". They are in the telco industry, but I sense they would prefer something out of the box.


As long as you take original photos and link back to the person who inspired your project, you can post a new Instructable about it! Step-by-step is always my preference :D I think people would love it!


hmm... You could come up with your own theme of pop-up cards then attribute the artist at Extreme Cards as your inspiration. Did you have any spin-off ideas when you made your Space Invader card?

Personally, I'd like to see Instructables for Minecraft or Super Meat Boy cards or even VVVVVV goodies in addition to Space Invaders. I mean, PAX Prime is coming up, so it'd be a good time to launch some comic/gaming-themed Instructables.

ps: I wonder if this Extreme Card person publishes Instructables too. Any clue?

Just jumping into Instructables. Seems redundant, as all my projects have full tutorials on my blog :)

Carol: Extreme Cards and Papercrafting


5 years ago

Here's my Instructable for the space invaders pop up card.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

space invader pop up card.jpg

*heavy sigh* so both of the copies of the post with details about the games were deleted instead of just one. Let me start again... =o)

Minecraft is sandbox-style construction game where you can make anything out of just about anything. You can mine gold and lapis lazuli, design a binary clock or build a city. You name it, you can probably make it in Minecraft. 

Super Meat Boy is a fun arcade-style game in which you are a boy made out of meat trying to save your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil claws of Dr. Fetus. In order to get to Bandage Girl, you have to hop through a series of obstacles of spinning sprocket-blades that'll chop you up if you fall on them. Super fun. There's even a cute little bunny that'll follow you around some times. It doesn't go near the blades though.

VVVVVV -- In this platform two-dimensional arcade-style video game, you are racing the clock to escape your spaceship that is set to self-destruct. It's the more basic of the three, but the obstacles are fun and the storyline is cute (I think). The name of the game is inspired by the v-shaped pikes that stick of the ground and ceiling. Also, gravity is optional.

Hope that helps. =o)

ps: sorry for the double post. I'm experiencing strange internet behavior at the moment. I'm trying to delete the earlier one now.

oh i love this so much.

You should totally publish your own Instructable on it..

That's great! Thanks for posting a pic!

You could go with the Star Wars theme. But I guess it would depend on how close of a colleague it was to determine if the theme would be the Darkside or the light side of the force. Like Darth Vader sticking out his hand as a gesture of thanks or one of Yoda popped out over Dagobah's swamp. That's not out of the box right?

Have you tried doing a search for "pop up card"?