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Portable Amp using MC33171? Answered

Sir, I am really sorry to ask this but i don't know much about electronics but i want to make portable amp for speakers using MC33171 but I don't know which capacitors and resistors to connect to it. Please can you tell me which components i should use. I am gonna use DC current ,around 3.7 to 4.5 voltage.
Thank you



That particular IC is not a power amp, rather, it is better suited as a preamp. What most people do (in this day and age) for a first time portable amp is use the ubiquitous LM386 low power audio amplifier. This is a low power single IC (chip) that uses a minimal amount of external components to create a complete single channel amp capable of driving a typical speaker. Note that this chip is a single amp, and if you want stereo you must build 2 of them, one each for the left and right channels. The bonus of using this IC is that it will work down to 4 Volts, though I'd maximize your available voltage to run it.

There are plenty of 'ibles here. just do a search for LM386 and you'll have scads to choose from.

In the future, if you want to progress to something a bit more powerful for home use, look at this thread for a Losmandy Amplifier that uses an op-amp similar to the one you've mentioned. Just click on the link in the post. Extremely simple and easy to build.


Thank you very much sir. It was really helpful for a newbie like me :D

You are quite welcome. Always willing to help those who are starting out. I find that those who are encouraged early on tend to go to greater heights. I hope you will.


That's a very bad choice for a power amp, it won't work.