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Portable Pitchers Mound Plans? Answered


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02000 (author)2014-09-17

Here is a link that has the same material list.


No plans but enough pictures to do the job'

check out kivaorg and neoconorg :-)

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stevenellis (author)2010-01-24

It is much better for the Little Leaguer (or anyone) to practice pitching off of a mound than on a flat surface. Constructing a dirt mound in the back yard is not easy and it must be constantly maintained. An option is a portable pitcher's mound made from wood and Astroturf. This mound can be built in just a few hours and the cost is around $125.

The materials needed are:

1 - 2x10x12 treated

3 - 2x10x8 treated

1 - 2x4x8 treated

1 - 1/2x4x8 treated plywood (3/4" will give a stiffer surface)

1 - 4x8 Astroturf

1 - can 3M Hi Strength spray glue OR two quarts contact cement.

100 (approximate) -  1 1/4" deck screws

1 - handful of 3" deckscrews or 12 penny nails

Steven Ellis
Former Chicago Cubs pitching pro
Baseball Pitching Instruction

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I see your materials list, but where can I find the instructions to build this mound? Thanks, Jack

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