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Portable dvd player? Answered

Hello, i have a portable dvd player that isnt working right any more. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything cool i can make with it. I just found this site and im really excited! Ton of great things on it. Thanks if anyone has any ideas would be great!



8 years ago

I too have a portable dvd player(philips).I have a small problem with it.Whenever i play dvd's sometimes the movie gets hanged.Should i use a Dvd lens cleaner??Please help me out.

You may be able to use the LCD for a project, The quality isn't great but it might make a good picture frame project. What brand and model is it? Does it have AV in?

hi i have a screen from a curtis dvd player, its model number is (LG.) XL0506194923. or thats what it says, at least. can iuse this for something? 

or maybe its model numer is 6850L-0089A

Do you still have the DVD player half, if not then it is most likely not possible.

Thats a pretty good idea. Its a pretty old one i got it when they first started coming out. Its a Insignia 7 model # IS-PD040922. And thank you. :)

Its a portable dvd player with 7 LCD attached to it.