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Post your favorite Ubuntu Mod/Customization! Answered

Here is the place to post your favorite Ubuntu mod or customization, You all probably know from my instructable, it is the Mac OSX Theme...


Here is my desktop cube! Dunno why the take screenshot wizard made my desktop wallpaper have blue streaks through it but it's still awesome. My mom asked me to burn a DVD for her and she stood there watching me do it, I had the burning program on the desktop and my VLC movie player was above it, (I was watching Harry Potter 5) So she was watching the movie and I wanted to see the status of the burn, so I did that peeking thing when you hold down the "super" windows key. Se was so scared! "What the hell is that?!?!" "I peeked at the burning program..." "oh....." She turns around and walks away. I wish my house ran on a linux kernel. Ubuntu for life! -Ken


9 years ago

I like the desktop cube! It rules.

Second the cube and Compiz in general.

Yeah. I love the reactions from non-linux users whenever I use compiz effects in front of them.