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Potassium Nitrate Answered

how i have been thinking about another concept of making potassium nitrate (used in black powder) from a garden fertiliser, potassium carbonate (k2co3). potassium carbonate can be bought from here in Australia at Bunnings warehouse so it should be available anywhere else. the other substance you need is any nitrate (eg. calcium nitrate). the metal in the nitrate should have 2 electrons in its outer shell so there are 2 potassiums and 2 nitrates. You dissolve both the chemicals in water but do not over saturate so there is solid on the bottom. next you mix the two solutions together. a solid should form and move to the bottom. then filter out the carbonate by pouring it through a paper towel and collecting the leftover liquid and throw away the filtered out solid ((metal) carbonate). boil off the water in the solution and then leave to dry. this should be potassium nitrate shouldn't it? any suggestions or criticism? reply back thanks.


just to see if it would i mixed pure potassium chlorate with pure sulfure powder and tryd to set it off with fricion and banging between rough sufaces and nothing happend lol, but i set it off with a flame and it spontaneosly explodedlike gunpowder, so i dont think that sulfure is capablke of making it explode, but i do think it makes it explode when lit

i recently made potassium chlorate (kclO3)which is just as good , infact better as it has more power to release than kn03 especialy when safly mixed with red phosphorus from match heads( not pure stuff of it would blow up straight away) i live in australia, unfortunately i live in the nt so i cannot buy it for $5/kg off ebay from some of the suppliers in sydney as it must be shiped via courier, but you should buy it internationaly labeld as "southern ag stump remover", apparently it is safe to ship if shipped under that name and not potassium nitrate by the way, what do you plan on using the kno3 for, i just got mine and i dont know what to do with it, if your not planing on reusing whatever your going to explode or burn the gunpowder in,( as it leaves kcl behind) use kclo3 instead , it is just as strong , if mixed differently and has the power ,when mixed with sulfur ,by wieght of tnt it can be made from potasium sulfate and calcium hypochlorite (standard pool chlorine 65% and water , nothing else

Potassium Chlorate mixtures are also well known for being much more sensitive to shock, friction, and temperature than nitrate mixtures, occasionally being subject to spontaneous ignition. (for instance, chlorates are no allowed in US consumer fireworks, except under special circumstances.) Just so you pay attention to what you're making; the chlorate is NOT usually a "direct" replacement for the nitrate.

very true, i am always carefull to mix everything in water, as well as adding sugar to stabalize the mix, i am very aware of the dangers of chlorates, especialy when mixed with pants (boom) quick fun fact: cream of tartar= potassium hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) nitric acid + potasium bicarbonate= potassium nitrate nitric acid can be made by mixing suluric, or strong hydrochloric acid with any nitrate containing substance, like fertiliser or sensodine toothpaste it then converts the nitrate into nitric acid and the nitrte holder into a sulfate or chloride next just boil it down , and condense as told in the making nitric acid instructable, or bubble it through potassium bicarb solution, another fun way to make potassium nitrate, yay a good source of nitrate it titanium nitrate which it found in mantles for gas lanterns (the little sock that goes over the flame) another good source is as already mentiond, the pile of straw and wee, the nitrates will be ammonium, sodium and some pottassium, plus othe soluble nasties put the lot into a bucket and mix it around, preferably in hot water, then filtr out it all while still hot and not on its way to cooling (its important to remove most of the solids like grass poo and straw) let the lot dry out , apply heat to dry it out, but no more than 70 degrees celcius ( only enough to start burning your finger if you touch the water) once dry add you acid to the crystal dirt mess and boil off the nitric acid, (the only thing other than water that can boil off from the mix), and then neutralise with your potassium bicarb, or if you cant buy it from the flavouring section of your supermarket, then just use wood ash(50-90% potasium carbonate ) happy nitrating!!

Don't Bunnings sell saltpetre?


10 years ago

This will work if the carbonate formed is insoluble, like the calcium carbonate. However, of the other nitrates you're likely to be able to find (ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate), the carbonates are soluble, so you just wind up with a mixed solution. In the US consumer marketplace, I've seen "real" potassium nitrate more often than I've seen calcium nitrate (although I hear the latter is widely used on golf courses.)

the purpose of this reaction is to obtain potassium nitrate where it can not be bought. but if i did find calcium nitrate id be using potassium sulphate because its easier to get.

Potassium nitrate is prepared commercially by the reaction of potassium chloride with sodium nitrate. Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) is used as a meat preservative.

Or you can just get it as stump remover.