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Powdered Tempra Paint Answered

I work in a child care with preschool aged children.  We just got a massive donation of powdered tempra paint.
I was wondering if there was any interesting craft ideas that we could use other than 1. add water 2. paint with brush
Other than using tempra powder to make sidewalk chalk I have been coming up with a blank. 
Any new/creative ideas for this product?

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BLASTFEMI (author)2013-10-19

You can mix powder tempera paint with oil and water in a bottle and make a wave machine toy. Create your very own waves in a bottle!
Materials: 2 liter soda bottle, clean water, vegetable oil, blue powdered tempera paint. Optional Items:plastic ocean animals, seashells, confetti.
Add tempera paint to the oil. Pour into bottle until it is half full. Add optional items if desired. Fill the bottle with water. Rock back & forth to make waves!
or paint with Bubble Paint Blow bubbles to create beautiful designs!
Materials: dish soap, water, powdered tempera paint, straws, paper Mix soap, water, and powdered paint together. Then, blow bubbles in the mixture. Place paper on top of the bubbles to make "bubble print" designs and paper. Then, you can create beautiful cards with your new paper!


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Kiteman (author)2012-06-18

Mix it with PVA glue and do something interesting with it.

Mix with wallpaper paste and do coloured papier mache.

Make coloured powder pictures, and then laminate them.

Recreate that Asian festival where people throw coloured powders at each other.

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CreativeGeek (author)Kiteman2013-10-17

Actually, mixing it with PVA and then diluting it a tiny bit could work for your second idea too.

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Goodhart (author)2012-06-18

mixed with iron powder, you could use the bright colors to make "pictures with magnets" :-)

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