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FIXED: Power Mac G4 1.25 Duel Mac OS X 10.5.8 Freezing after 6 Minutes! Answered

A couple of days ago I ran across the problem that my mac would have a high CPU usage and kernel panic or freeze after about 6 minutes.  First I plan the put the hard drive in my PC and back up all of the data, as I have important stuff on it.  The high CPU usage was caused by a process call mds, and mdworker.  Both for the PowerPC Architecture, because it is a G4 PowerPC Processor.  The computer is maxed out at 2 GB. of RAM.  The fans sound like a jet engine on boot up, but then ramp down one the desktop is loaded.  Please help!

System Specs:
Duel 1.25 GHZ PowerPC G4
Mac OS 10.5.8
200 GB Seagate hard drive (from when Seagate hard drives were good)
DVD Combo Drive
PCI FW 800/400 USB 2.0 Card
USB 4Ex 1In USB 2.0 crad
128 MB Graphics

I have attached a video so that you can see exactly what happens:

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iApple guy (author)2013-06-06

What I was LEAST expecting... A broken ram slot. Took the ram out of the broken slot, back to normal. Ran memtest, and that didn't fail any parts of the test.

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iApple guy (author)caitlinsdad2013-06-04

Yup I tried that, we will see how it works.

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iApple guy (author)iApple guy2013-06-04

I think it was spotlight tying to index my hard drive, so I disables it. It was taking up 114 or so % of my cpu.

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kelseymh (author)iApple guy2013-06-04

You've got a dual-core Mac. The top command (which is what computes the CPU usage) doesn't handle multiple cores well, and will report up to 100% per core, instead of total.

Supposedly there is a way to configure Spotlight to only index some things, or to do incremental rather than full re-indexing.

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