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Power Supply? Answered

How do you select your power supply when using long strips or more powerful LEDs, such as Crees? There is so many variables in switching from incandescent to LEDs. For example, miliamps to watts. Lumens to watts, multi-voltage inputs/outputs?

I cannot find 70" florescent T-8 tubes anymore, as I believe they have been all but discontinued in most places. I looked for LED replacements, but they go for big bucks which adds up real quick when you need to do 20 or more.

I was planning on making my own, and have ordered the rolls of LEDs. I have many power supplies from the many electronic devices I have salvaged, and plan to use those to replace the current ballasts. I can also buy T-8 tube power supplies for less than 3 bucks, so that shouldn't be an issue. Connections will have to be mostly hardwired to utilize current power source, but I think it will be a experience in LED lighting without just shelling out big bucks for ready mades, that are hard to come by in the form factor I need. I have even thought of buying 8 footers, and just cutting 26" off to make the fit, but not sure of the construction of their bulbs.

I would like to know how to figure the proper amount of power supply I need for each configuration, as it would be easier to run 4 strip lights off of one supply, rather than 4 smaller ones. Most of the time I have just used what I had and powered up the few LEDs I was playing with, like testing with a weak 9V battery, etc. These would need to be dependable lights and should have the proper power supply to load, like any other circuit. Something that I don't see addressed here. Am I missing something?

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-04-06

You wouldn't want to power LEDs of T-8 tube power supplies.

It depends on how many LEDs there are per meter on the strip. Each LED will draw a little bit of current, which will begin to add up.

Also, LED strips are not always the best for casting light and might not be what you want for lighting up a large space.

Albeit it may cost more, I personally think getting the LED replacement bulbs will save you a headache.

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