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Power on top of spinning wheel? Answered

I have a spinning wheel powered by a 12v motor and i want to run some lights on top of the wheel without putting on a 2nd battery or having the wires get tangled up 


Spinning wheel? As in spinning your own yarn? So Lights attached to the side of the wheel to put on a show as it spins. Best thing to do would be to attach some LED throwies to it. LED Thowies are just a basic LED taped onto a 3V coin cell battery. No wires and no fuss. Otherwise you have to run wires from your 12V battery up to a pair of copper brushes. One for the negative side and one for the posative side. Then you would need 2 copper rings on the wheel that the brushes make contact with. Run your wire from those rings to the lights and your all done.

Thanks i was going to use the rings and brush idea but i didnt thing it would work to well


3 years ago

Two ways, first use a simple slip ring and the shaft as the LED power see the toy.

Second idea, an air coil to coil transformer ( make a neat ible )

Basically wind a 20 turn primary stationary coil around the spinner wired to a PWM driver and a secondary coil just above it spinning as close as feasible.

Whatever high frequency you can build to transfer energy gets rectified on your wheel and light up.


Sadly I'm going to have to make that ible once HQ decides on Pro rewards for featured ibles....

1 what is the question

2. Pictures would really help.