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Power supply/adaptor for 12v 15w ac bulb? Answered

Hi all. I have a light set with a 12v 15w AC bulb along with a 12v 1-2w small AC motor. I also received a adaptor along with it of 12v 1A AC. The adaptor worked only for an hr and went off. The primary winding were open when checked. I brought a new adaptor and the same thing happened. Can anyone please help me to find what kind of adaptor (output volt and Amp) is required for the light and motor to work.


You need a 1.5-2A 12V power supply, along with a slowblo, 1/4A fuse for the motor and a 1-1/2A normal blow for the lamp.


7 years ago

the best way is always the simple way. take a 12vdc adaptor open it. remove rectifier connect the secondary directly to the output. i am telling this because 12vdc supply must be easily available rather than 12ac cause most 12v appliances in your home works with direct current. just chop of the rectifier and you're ready to go. if you use too much power the transformer won't burn. it will just heat up a lot. ubnfortunately if it dies. then you have a crappy transformer.

correct me if i am out of subject.

Mmmm, 15W exceeds 1A already - I'll guess thermal-cutout protection occurred.
Get a supply that is good for 2A (or even 1.5A).

Where did this collection of bits come from, you make it sound as if they were meant to wrk with each other?


Your bulb requires at least 1.25A (15w/12v) and your motor although only using say 0.125A (2w/12) may require 10 times that at start up depending on the motor.

A 12V 2.5A power supply should be fine since your motor came with a 1A supply.