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Powering 12" - 17" LCD screen with a battery - possible? Answered

Hi there - i had an idea for a project but am stuck on the techie details, hopefully someone can help! The idea involves a freestanding LCD monitor running on battery rather than plugged into a wall. ideally the the battery would be as small as possible and concealable. Also, i would like to strip the monitor of its casing and if possible connection to a computer and have it just display a single video clip on loop that would come from a source directly connected to the display - would anyone know how this could be achieved?? thanks in advance to any and all responses!

PS i cannot use a tablet, for cost reasons and also i need the screen stripped so as to attach it to the final installation. 

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-05-03

No problem. Open up the monitor and check out it's power supply. See what kinds of voltages the PSU supply to the monitor and find a battery that can supply that. If multiple voltages are required then you will want a battery that can meet the needs of the highest one and use a voltage regulator to give you the other voltages.

You will still need a computer of sorts to drive the screen. Since you want it small and battery powered i suggest using a Raspberry Pi to run the monitor.

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