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Powering 6-8 Servos simultaneously?? Answered

I am currently working on a project that involves 6-8 servos, that all need to be powered at the same time. What would i use for this? The power supply on the "robot" of sorts will be a 11.1v Li-Po battery (Will update with mAh/any other info needed on the battery in a few days, i do not currently have it on me). Is there any BEC/UBEC capable of doing such a task? Could i use a combination of more than one (Three UBECS off of the same battery, all in parallel)? The servos that i am using are TowerPro MG995 Digi Speed servos.
On a slightly different topic, are there any BECS/UBECS that can monitor the battery's voltage, and shut off when it drops below a certain voltage?
Links would be great

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Wired_MistBest Answer (author)2015-01-12

A BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) is just a fancy RC name for a Voltage Regulator. (And a reason to charge more, for something you can easily build you're self) I'd use a simple LM-7805 (5V regulator @ 1A) 8 servo's at 100 ma each will leave you with %20 Over kill, should work fine.

Alternatively you could use a dc-dc converter,


Either way just regulate the output to the voltage you like to run them at. The data sheet says you can run those servo's @ (3V - 7.2V) So 5V should do fine.

You could use a resistor divider and just about any standard transistor to make your low voltage shut off.

Btw.. Be sure to use at least a 2000-mah battery; maybe even have a second one on the charger that you could swap out?

Good Luck !

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iceng (author)Wired_Mist2015-01-12


While a down converter saves battery time, did you notice Lady Ada is out of stock ?

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Wired_Mist (author)iceng2015-01-12

why no I didn't >.> my bad

Still gives him something to start looking for

Here is a peice thats acctually in stock, Thank Iceng !

** EDIT**


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rickharris (author)2015-01-11

They need to be supplied with 5 volts (some with 6 volts) The total current will be the peak current of each servo added together (see spec sheet).

You can supply from a battery but will need a regulator to reduce the voltage to 5 volts.

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RocketPenguin (author)rickharris2015-01-11

6v input, working current is ~100mA. 6 to 7 servos, so i would need a 6v 1 amp UBEC/BEC, right?

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RocketPenguin (author)iceng2015-01-11

I already have soemthing that controls the servos, i need something to power them.

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