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Powerisers/Jumping Stilts Answered

Powerisers or Jumping Stilts.....They are a specially designed pair of shoes that you wear that have spring-kind-of-things on them. You can jump six feet high with them and run up to 20 mph! Pretty amazing! But my question is if anybody would know how to build them, or where to get them cheap, or what are the spring parts made of? Because the springs have to be under enormous pressure to withstand the bouncing. So if you know any material that would to the same trick please let me know.

Here is a link: here


I'm 36 kg, fit and twelve i'm not sure if I should buy the kids size: 30-50 or 40-60 which one should i take?

I'm 36 kg, fit and i'm twelve i was wondering if i should order the kids size: 30-50 or 40-60 which one should i take?

Actually, I remember seeing a design somewhere, with someone using a parallel hinge system and some pulleys with bungee chords for a substitute for the spring. Think of the standard system, but instead of a rib-shaped spring on the back, there would be two pulleys and a bungee chord. I was thinking about doing some sort of this, because I am lucky enough to have a pair of powerisers, but I am getting a bit big for them, so it's either buy a new pair of make a new pair. I'd love to make a new pair, but there could be a lot of safety hazards involved. Regardless, pretty cool stuff.


3 years ago

Might of been said but someone has made their own, he called them bionic boots.

for the spring you can use the front half of skis.

Has anyone ever considered using a pair of "snapping" (non-lacing) inline skates as the foundation for this? I mean you can mount the "leg" to one of the wheel axles, the "spring bar" to the back of the calf and meet back on the "foot". Maybe even use the wheels as the feet ( 2 next to each other and disabled spinning)? I've seen Square metal bars at the hardware store with holes in it ala street signs, would this be strong enough? You could run bolts through it buy various brackets and presto! Only problem would be a DIY spring/tension bar?


6 years ago

I want these so bad.

how about carbon fiber or fiberglass rods for the spring

I know this is an old thread, but just thought I'd add an interesting note about these things.
You need to have a pair that suit your weight. My daughters belong to a local circus and the circus have some of these, but my elder daughter is only very slight and doesn't have enough weight to make them work lol.
They are really cool to watch.

Your daughters belong to a circus?

lol, well they don't belong.. we didn't sell them to the circus. We have a community circus here that holds weekly training sessions and they also perform at various events around town.

I thought of a way you could make  the stilts
Here is a quick sketch
The red lines are springs


This has broken bones written all over it. Sorry to be a wet blanket.


6 years ago

i think the springs are made of fiberglass but i was looking online and there are upgrades that you can buy made of carbon fiber. maybe you could build the frame then buy the carbon fiber springs for $100.

What if you took a real good compound bow and cut the "spring" out of it. Or you could put two pogo stick springs directly under you. the only thing is that I am not sure I would want to be liable for myself for this build. I could just see a broken leg or a destroyed knee with one false move. At least if you bought them the company might be a little bit liable for your permanent handicapped legs. That being said it would still be AWESOME and probably worth the risk to have some built or bought.

oh my, this thing s freak me out, i want some!!!!

In the pictures ToTW posted,the leaf spring is the black curve. As an alternative, try this:

DIY poweriser.JPG

Don't try this. It is a good idea, I didn't see this until now but I actually finished making a pair on this exact same design using trampoline springs for a welding project. It was a fun build but and Sabre already noted, it shifts your balance and is an excellent leg/ankle breaker. Here's a pic of what I did.
BTW they weigh about 12 pounds each, so lighter gauge metal or aluminum would be welcome. If you get a close up of powerisers they have a part on the bottom to make sure your center of balance does not change. I'm going to make another pair and make them work.

My backpiece was a stiff automotive leafspring, then thinwall square square tubing. the shoe was locked into place but easily removable. I plan to have v2 done within a few months.
Until then, cheers!:)


oooh. it would shift your center of gravity backwards from the bottom of the stilts. that could be pretty dangerous.

It was just a quick sketch - dimensions could easily be changed.

What about trampoline springs for the bungee? and how would you stop the rigid beam from coming to far back when you jump?


10 years ago

Knex? Just kidding... :-D

i actually did make a mock-up of one of these, its almost perfectly to scale but the compression on the spring is a bit off. if anyone wants to see them i'll make up an 'ible


8 years ago

u can use carbonfiber.... its veary strong... the guys from protottype this used it to make a 6 leged vieacle... the shashey was 220 kg..... sry for bad writhing..... im from serbia .. hope this helps ya... im trying to bild one my self..:P

Hi everyone! I have a good friend who is 45 years old, male, and very stocky. He was a gymmast and swimmer/diver in his teens. But he now weighs about 215 pounds and has just purchased his first pair of Powerizers. I think he's thinking he can relive his days as a young male gymnast. I am afraid for his life. But, I would love the point of view of experts to understand whether my worry is necessary or not. Please help!

any development on this? has anyone tried building a pair? i happen to have a pair of drywall stilts, which are fun in their own way, but there is now way i can see to mod them....better off starting from scratch. i have ideas, but they are just ideas. i would love to hear from anyone who has tried or at least thought hard about building a pair, maybe we can share ideas.

these stilts are called Powerisers-powerizers/powerskips/pro-jumps/7leaughe boots/flyjumpers

there are varying qualitys and here are a few links



they are made of an aluminum frame with a fiberglass leaf spring, some also have the option of a carbon fiber leaf spring, these stilts range from areoun 250-1,600 dollars depending on the quality you want, they come in various weight ranges

Got a good look. They are steal leaf-style springs with a plastic jacket.


10 years ago

try hereto see what parts look like

When I saw these, I instantly thought "Aluminum archery Limbs" but they might not be strong enough.

There's a guy in our office who has a pair, but I've never seen him use it.

maybe i could buy them off of him.....lol I don't even know if i will buy a pair because my parents aren't quite sure they are going to let me have them yet....

I've always wanted a pair, but never known where to get the/ how much they cost. Thanks =]

Getting leaf springs that fit your purpose might be difficult. Maybe you should check out some Pogo Sticks design, and borrow some ideas. Shock absorbers from small scooters, bikes or even bicycles will be easier to source.

No, they most likely would not...but I thought I would provide the entire link, so you could decide for yourself. :-)

Ah Hah! Found this here.

A genuine top quality jumping stilt available at an affordable price to the end user, the Poweriser consists of a thick aluminum frame with a long lasting, quality fiberglass leaf spring as the backbone.

A twelve month general warranty (six months on Spring and Rod-D parts) serves as peace of mind for you, our buyer, that this outlay is worthwhile.

An extreme, exciting and interesting alternative sport, ideal for good fun exercise or healthy competition.

The Poweriser spring breaks down gradually, with a controlled performance decrease, and without any sudden dangerous breaks.

Cool thanks so much, i think i will stick with eBay though if i cant build them because $300 is a little over my budget.