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Practical uses for Python and JavaScript?

I was just wondering about the sort of things you can do with these two.  I know you can use at least JS when building webpages, but I don't really enjoy that sort of thing when I code.  Are there other uses for these?  Also, is it true that robots can be programmed with Python?  Thank you very much for an answer.

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electronicz (author)2014-05-31

Python: Game Programming (Pygame is really good for beginners), Advanced Calculators, making programs to make processes in your daily life faster, etc...

Javascript: IDK much JScript =P

kelseymh (author)2014-04-13

We have a Python interface to Geant4, the world's simulation toolkit for radiation interacting with matter.

steveastrouk (author)2014-04-13

Python is a favourite language for the Raspberry Pi, and there are millions of coding projects for that platform, driving hardware

Thank you, I appreciate it.

mpilchfamily (author)2014-04-13

With the right compiler and boot loader on the chip you can program a robot in any language you want.

I thought it would work that way, but I wasn't sure. Thank you!