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Prank Idea! Answered

A while ago I read an 'ible about how to turn on your schools sprinkler system as a last day prank.


What about discreetly installing a remote activator thing in the valve boxes, to turn on all of the sprinklers, inpependently of whatever is there already - rc system, 12v battery, relay, diodes. Over the year you could do this to every valve, and trigger them right at the end.

Unfortunately, living in the UK, no schools have sprinkler systems - somewhere where they do, someone try this!


Despite what you see in the movies, there is no valve that turns on all the sprinklers at once, each sprinkler head has an individual heat-activated trigger. So if you want to turn them all on you need a big ladder and a lot of time to go around and break the activator on each individual sprinkler head. The big problems with this are: * It's illegal * Every time you break one it will activate immediately, and you will get drenched * The first one you activate will set off the fire alarm * Even if you find a way to trigger all the sprinkler heads, the water supply to the building can't supply enough water to spray from all the heads at once, so most of them will just be a severe drip, if you want a school-wide shower like in the movies then you will need to start by stealing some pumper trucks (maybe a couple, maybe dozens depending on the size of the school.

Sorry, I meant sprinkler as in irrigation system, with nice, easy to trigger, solenoid valves. Although I reckon ramping up the pressure on a fire sprinkler system should break the glass in most of the sprinkler heads... ;D

Ahh, that's a different story entirely. I guess too many years as a firefighter led me to jump to a different conclusion than most people

You'd have to get a big pump, and plumb it in, and hope it didn't burst elsewhere if that wasn't enough hassle already...