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Prank Ideas? Answered

I want to prank a girl who I hate because she's been spreading rumours about me. I'm not really very upset about that but I still think it needs to be justified so I'm looking for some harmless and inconspicuous pranks that won't get me into trouble. My class is going on a school trip for a week and I want to take that opportunity to get back at her.  We're visiting a big city and will be touring around during the day stay in hotel rooms at night. I don't want a HUGE prank because that could get everyone into trouble and ruin the trip altogether. The perfect prank would be something that isn't obvious, so it can be blamed on just dumb luck, but something humiliating or at least bothersome. 



3 years ago

Ive always been a big fan of super glue and a quarter. Never fails someone will try to pick it up.

Oh! Oh! I gots the perfetc EPIC prank idea! The materials for this prank are paper and tape, or alternatively a post-it note, which is much like paper but with sticky tape already built in.

Anyways, you say your frenemy has been spreading untrue rumors about you. So perfect revenge for something like this is to come up with good counter-rumor, or insult, but must be something short enough to write in few words. For example:

"I <3 goats"


"Please kick me."


"I suck like vacuum."

Then discretely affix sticky paper sign with cutting insult, to the back of your frenemy, where she cannot see it, but everyone else can see it. Often a friendly pat on the back is diversion enough, for to facilitate the paper affixing without the frenemy suspecting anything is amiss.

Then your frenemy victim looks stupid with big paper sign taped to her back, while you by comparison look super-clever!

1. Your teaching staff will NOT appreciate this.

2. You have no right to disrupt the enjoyment or learning of others - including the young lady.

3. It may not be her, further proof you should man up and just ignore tittle tattle. (UK for Rumour - good group if you haven't found then yet as well.)

1. Attacking here will not stop the rumours, and may, instead, act to show people that the rumours are true.

2. How do you know that she is the one spreading the rumours?

3. Rumours cannot be spread by one person alone - somebody else has to repeat them. Are you going to attack everybody?

4. Attacking her will not stop the rumours, but it will demonstrate as fact that you cannot deal with verbal issues in a mature manner.

If the rumours are a genuine issue for you, talk directly to the girl, explain that you are hurt by them, and ask her to stop. If that does not work, them talk to your teachers, and ask them to deal with the situation.


3 years ago

I am confused. You want to do something nasty to someone who has been saying bad stuff about you because you think that doing something bad to them will make them stop saying bad stuff about you? How do you figure that? Don't you think that it will actually just give them more bad bad things to say about you and this time stuff that true? Because you actually will be living down to what the are saying and proving it right, correct?

Do everybody a favor and WALK AWAY.


3 years ago

Salt or a drop of food colouring on a toothbrush...

I do like the food color.

What is that coloring that shows food bacteria on gums ?

Oh, I forget, I know I had some for a while - it was given to me via a dentist and it hasn't left the packet...

Ir was a reddish colour though.


3 years ago

Hate to tell you, it is a bad and powerful emotion destined to get you trouble !