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Premonition? Answered

Last night I dreamed of massive Earthly destruction by huge flaming rocks from the sky. It was really, really cool, but rather scary. Black sky, massive and multiple flaming rocks from above impacting with devastating effect (some distance away, but close enough to feel shock-waves). Not like the image, more real and hot-burning coals like (but that's the best I could manage to get for 2 mins of searching)

If it happens soon it's a premonition?

(I also dreamed that some landlord-bast's had been in while I was out and cleaned my place out of all the junk and important stuff like my furniture, PC etc and moved the stuff out of the shed into my lounge, but that was a completely separate scene and in daylight...)

I was glad to wake up!



you need to quit eating spicy foods before going to bed

I recently spent a week eating more cheese than is considered safe or indeed sane, and still had very unremarkable dreams. This may have been because one person in the group was stealing all our good dreams so he got to dream about being a superhero and eating a very special kind of brownie on his boat (he actually has a boat) while we all got to dream about falling over and bad things happening.

When I got home from that holiday my subconscious started telling me I needed to tidy my room- now even my unconscious mind is a pedantic literalist. Well, it gives me an excuse :P

What kind of cheese? It's the sort of thing I might try...


Mostly Brie, Emmental, goat's cheese and Reblochon. This included a daily baguette filled with one of the aforementioned cheeses, a very cheesy pasta sauce and a Reblochon raclette, which we calculated as one and a quarter pints of cheese shared between two. That's what you get for going to France with vegetarians and trying to eat cheaply.

vive la reblochon

Ah, I made chocolate-covered brie once, might do that again. Don not know of Reblochon though (have to look it up) My friend used to say "there are over 400 types of French cheese, and only 3 of them are edible." L

Well, considering the closing of the epilog contest. Add in a mix of the listing views jumping around and going wrong. The fire from the skies, are the frantic hits from the users trying to vote for the contest!

Could be I didn't realise there were so many entries, it's going to take me a while... L

There's a fairly easy test for premonitions - keep two, detailed diaries. When you wake up, write down your dreams in as much detail as possible, especially anything that points to dates, locations and the identity of people. At the end of the day, write down as much of the day as you can, especially anything that "felt" unusually significant, and include details of people present who could corroborate your story at a later date. At the same time, keep a close eye on news feeds for things that match "large" premonitions.

Well if any place gets wiped-out this year I reckon that I'll know about it (unless I'm there at the time, in which case one of you will at least) L

YOu kinda know when you've got a premonition, totally diffeel from a regular dream.

It's an untestable theory. :-D

Ya can't. If it happened, we'd all be dead, and we wouldn't know the outcome...