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Presentation on a 'How-To' Subject. Answered

How excited I was, when my Public Speaking teacher handed out a prompt for our next presentation:

"You must present to the class, a toutorial on how to make or do something"

I was ecstatic, I thought this would be cake, its in the bag!
But, here I am, struggling to find something to do, I have access to some of the best projects ever, but I can't just narrow it down to one!
It must be made/presented in 7-10 minutes, to 30 seniors in high school.
Would you mind suggesting something I can make, and demonstrate to my Public Speaking class?

My thoughts were:



Any more ideas?



I think Kiteman's climbing cardboard gorilla would be a good one. You could even put together the cardbaord pieces in front of them.

He'd need to cheat with the gluing, maybe double-sided sticky tape?

Here's a thought - why not talk about the Instructable process?

You can talk them through how to explain to somebody else how to do something.

(I wouldn't do the butterfly - it takes too much tweaking to fit reliably into 7-10 minutes.  If you want one of mine, try these:

https://www.instructables.com/id/A-pocket-full-of-knots./ (just pick one or two)
https://www.instructables.com/id/Draw-your-own-labyrinth./ (almost zero equipment required)
https://www.instructables.com/id/Celebrate-your-love.../ (needs a gas supply)

Oooh, I am liking the party popper one!

<starts legal defense fund for bumpus who gets stopped at the school doors by the bomb sniffing dogs for bringing in an explosive device with intent of detonating said explosive materials and causes lockdown of the school, county, ,muster of national guard and scrambling of assault helicopters and fighter jets...>

Bumpus-boy,  bring in a foldable swiss-army knife-fork-spoon instead to demonstrate...and check your school for zero-tolerance policies...

If he's sensible, he'll run his plan past his teacher before the day.

His beard is far better trimmed than mine.

His sarcasm (one-to-one) is far more cutting, though.

Hmmmm....true enough.  Perhaps he uses his sarcasm to keep his beard so neat?

Ahh, but your razor wit is so well honed, it is high-speed-low-drag-teflon-coated-and-fin-stabilized-with-laser-guides and can cut through any Gordian knot with no need for long-winded fact-based proof that it can.

<goes to look for a sharpie to get a beard of sarcasm going, maybe 5 o'clock shadow of sarcasm...>

Only if you're Kelsey, and you've hacked Lira's account...?

(maybe it's that smirk, can't tell what is going on upstairs...)

Grrr, the zero tolerance rules should be renamed the "I refuse to do any thinking" rules.

I present tomorrow, but I'll be fine.

Oh sure, choose the one that I did first.

And that he later did better.

Yeah, use it.

Not better, different.

(In accordance with The Laws)

I couldn't find a little motor..  :-/

Well online, yessss
But I didn't have any around the house, as I'm presenting tomorrow.

What was tomorrow is now today - update us?


The presentation was a success I'd say.
I got some methanol from the chemistry teacher, and didn't have any run-ins with the law (principal) My teacher was gung-ho when I explained what I was going to make.
Aaaaand I'm waiting on my grade, which I'll get tomorrow.

What did you present - fire?


Oh, my mistake, sorry about that.

Just a little tip from someone who's been there before, in addition to assembling whatever, make sure you also have a half assembled one, and a full assembled one with you.


8 years ago

Le bump.