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Preventing Kicked-in Bike Wheels? Answered

After purchasing the toughest bike lock I could find, I got the wheels kicked in by a frustrated would-be thief who could only get through the plastic coating with whatever tool he was using. (he incidentally got all of the other bikes locked up outside my dorm.) The closest lockers are a 30 min walk away, and they only allow for a small, easily cut padlock. I have an uncharacteristically small dorm room, so racking it in my room isn't really plausible. Any ideas? Maybe a couple of spokes reinforced with steel bar, or a cheap homemade bike shed?



10 years ago

A "shocking" surprise would be to electrify the bike lock and the spokes so when s/he cuts through the plastic coating of the lock s/he gets hit with a 50000 volt taser blast :)

YES!! That's the instructable I'm looking for!

Problem with electric shock is if you don't kill the thief
he will really get mad and take it out on your bike.

I vote for a poison for which you have the antidote

Other then, the ability to remove the front wheel (quick lock / unlock) and take it with you (doesn't help for the back wheel though), I haven't any idea how one could make it absolutely secure (although a sturdy shed would go a ways towards that goal).

easy, an airsoft gun trained on you bike. perfect deterrence

why do I hear someone singing "follow the yellow brick road" suddenly ? LOL

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 5 dollars says he wont catch that immediately... hmm maybe a cage to bolt over the wheels that you can bolt to the bike rail when not in use?

That is definitely more practical :-)

how about a laser alarm. if the laser web is broken, 110 db of air siren ruins the peace

I'm not really seeing how dealing with a loud buzzer is going to make the bike thief any less likely to kick in my wheels. Like I said, the lock works great, theft is not a problem. I just want to prevent vandalism.

simple. while hes kicking your wheels in, everyone, hearing the buzzer, sees him and calls police

Um, if there is no one to see him kick in the wheels in the first place, they probably won't "come running" to an alarm. Look how effective Car alarms are.....I have seem many people drive by with them blaring.... ;-)

hmm okay, new plan. make the siren soo loud it causes hearing damage. he will then run, for his ears will be in pain.

Maybe something like this ?

Phasor Pain Field Blaster
Miniature electronic device intended for personal protection or field research work. Complex sonic shock waves are internally adjustable for maximizing on target subject.

  • 125 db Directional sonic shock waves
  • 4" x 3" x 2" Shirt pocket sized
  • Operates on a 9 volt battery
The link is here