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Price of regular white LED's??? Answered

I just came back from my local electronics store and was kind of shocked to find that the price for a white LED is 2 bucks from where I come from, which is about US$ 0.62 each! I was thinking of buying 100 of them which ends up around US$62.00!!! Is that the standard price? It doesn't look like the regular LED, it's somewhat smaller and shorter in size, with a flat head instead of the usual rounded ones. But the price difference is so big!

The standard round headed one's are only US$ 0.09 each! But the funny thing is the salesperson told me that round headed LED's DO NOT come in white, only red, yellow and green! But in fact I bought them before from another store but sadly they are out of business now so there's only this other store left in my city.

So my point is, is that the standard price at your local store? How much do you pay for a single white regular LED?

PS. by 'regular', I mean those with rounded heads and can commonly be found almost everywhere such as toys and decorations. Also I'm not referring to those high powered LED's used in modern flashlights.
The pictures below shows the regular LED, and the one which I saw at the local store which has a flat head.


Try these places: www.digikey.com www.mouser.com Hope this helps.

i use that site all the time, no minimum purchase, and free shipping on everything. although expect possible long waits, it can take several weeks or even a month for the items to reach you. but if your patient they have some awesome deals,

There is a tremendous price difference between low-volume retail, wholesale, and high-volume (bulk).  When you walk into an electronics store and want to buy just one LED (or one of anything), you are not only paying for the component, you're paying for the packaging, as well as for the time to process your sale, do the inventory accounting, etc.

If you ordered 1,000 LEDs from either a manufacturer or a distributor, you would not pay the individual retail prices.  You'd probably pay more like 1/10 of that price.