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Priest on party-balloons flight goes missing Answered

"A Roman Catholic priest who floated off under hundreds of helium party balloons was missing Monday off the southern coast of Brazil."

Link via CNN

It is hard to tell if this is funny or sad.

-On one hand, anyone who attempts to break the record for longest party balloon flight is knowingly risking their life, and therefore open to be criticized / mocked when the likely outcome occurs.
-On the other hand, this was a priest trying to raise money for a cause.
-But back on the other hand, the cause he was trying to raise money for was a trucker's rest stop.

It is a close call, but that is two in favor in puns, and one against. The puns have it!


I'm not sure if I should pray for this guy or not...


10 years ago

Wow, best youtube video ever!

I disagree. This one is my favorite one by Hertzfeldt.

Both of the videos where kind of disturbing, not trying to offend anyone the second one was kind of sicking.

Sorry, we all have our opinions and I probably should have kept mine to myself.

Uhh... I was kidding. I thought it was funny that you think someone could be offended by such a harmless statement. I am offended by nothing ... NOTHING!!!

If you can't take offense, you better stay out of sports then LOL

You change your avatar more often than I change my underwear.

My avatar expresses my mood or "condition" many times. So it either means I am fickle or I have an attention deficit disorder of some kind ;-)

My underwear does the same thing. Right now I am at a week and a half, so my current mood is "lazy" o.O

combined with "itchy" ? :-) Besides, I am quite sure I don't have attention def......oh look a butterfly...

I'm offended by the length, would people please not post videos longer than 45 seconds, my attention wanders. I could offend you, but it would have to be in person.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the videos.....the same goes for long posts....sometimes I find it hard to follow a long one and my mind will.....oh look, a butterfly...

Wow, thats awesome!

He's gotten so impatient waiting for the second coming, he's gone to meet him half way! (Love the cartoon, though)

I half expected one of the "girls" in the cartoon to pull out a hairpin or something and take revenge LOL