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Printer Board is a CNC controller. ? Answered

Can anyone pls show me link to subjects on this matter with minimum need for programming langauge ? my perception is that if we can make printer draw a picture without waiting for ink signal; then cartridge can easily be replaced with a curring blade, torch or drill...is it possible to pinpoint the pin that sends ink OK back to printer and connect it direct to +VE so that it give ink available always.
please help me work on this project. Again if possible with min or no programming... thanks


you can buy a 3 axis cnc control board for less than the price of a printer, have a look on ebay, you will have to also buy a power supply, and get some stepper motors, and if you have an old computer with a printer port your set. you can use the free version of mach3 or linux cnc to run the machine. it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.


Thanks LHW; probably you are right. But my goal here is to set a way to recycle somthing instead of buying a new even if cheaper.

Imagine if every printer dumped outside turns into a fabric cutter, carver, etcher; or whatever; we will have a fortune of crafts and less toxics to manage...


Hi again, you might like to check out this link of a printer converted to a vinyl cutter.
and this link has a few more details about it.

after thinking about what you are trying to do, maybe you could mount a laser and a lens in the printer cartridge and try some engraving. you wouldn't have any software issues and there are a few instructables about using small lasers.
I would recommend you put a lens on it to focus the beam, as this is how real laser cutters are set up.

Must admit that I tried to learn Linux but my rusty brain doesn't seem to cooperate..the only langauge I know was the the good old BASIC from the old days.

yeh That what it used to be called http://www.linuxcnc.org/
I use ubuntu linux all the time Its really quite good, Your going to have to play with setting no mater what you choose to do. if you have and old computer download it and have a play.
I was thinking you may be able to convert an ink jet printer into a vinyl cuter as they are quite similar in construction, but it is the software that would be the hardest part.
good luck with your project.

I really don't see any way to avoid programming unless you buy in one of the ready made driver systems.

Your printer board isn''t going to do what you want.

The controller in a printer isn't going to be able to power the larger stepper motors needed for a CNC.