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Printer froze need help? Answered

I have a HP deskjet F2210 all-in-one printer that froze. It will not respond at all. I plug it in and all the lights come on but dont blink. It says its diconected on the computer but its not. When i press the power button it wont shut down. I have to unplug it to turn it off. I have tried unplugging it and leaving it for a while but it still won't respond. How do i fix this.


Without seeing the printer, I would have to assume that it's dead. Go get a new one, printers are cheap. You could get an hp for about $100.

Get the instructions out - Run a test print - Does it work?

When turned off does the print head move easily & reset when turned on?

Is there paper or bits stuck in the paper run

It wont let me run a test run or anything. When it is turned off the print head does move easily but doesnt reset when turned on and there isnt bits of paper stuck in it.

Without seeing the printer I can't comment or suggest further other than to try & search for the fault to see if it is common or try the manufacturers web site.

Good luck.