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Printing a Random Pattern on the desk Answered

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Ativa (Office Depot store brand) wireless mouse on sale for $15. It appears that they were clearing out stock, because they no longer list it on their website, but this is the closest thing I've found. I like the mouse, particularly because there is a built-in charger in the wireless tranciever for the two Ni-MH AAAs it takes. Yes, AAAs, the link is for a different mouse.

Problem: Lousy resolution, I think. the wired Lenovomouse that came with my computer worked just fine on my smooth, blank desk surface, but this one requires much more of a pattern. I don't like mousepads. Scribbles with a pencil work well so far, but they smudge after a day or so. I want to put some sort of pattern on my desk for it to read. My best idea was a laser-cut random bitmap stencil and a can of black spray paint, but I don't have a laser cutter. Ideas?


I'm not sure if finely textured covering works as well as a printed or colored pattern. You might just try a bit of sticky shelf liner paper or one of those sticky bookcovers on your desk.

It works perfectly...I just made a new one 512x512 with a zoom factor of 2, meaning each pixel becomes for and printed it out. It is very effective with just a piece of paper sitting there. Now to track down the sticky paper, I think we still have some somewhere.

i would suggest getting some sheets of sticker paper, then printing this onto the paper, then stick it to the desk. Make sure you test the pattern before you stick it to your desk tho! also if you want a nicer random pattern, just ask and i will knock one up for you