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Prize arrival time? Answered

Hello, I am aware that the contest info says that it may take up to 12 weeks to receive a prize won in a contest and it has only been 8ish, but I was contacted by the instructable robot stating that my prize (3d printing contest) had shipped from the instructables headquarters on the 11th (just over 2 weeks ago) and the prize has not yet arrived. I'm not sure what the normal shipping time is, and I don't mind waiting. However, it would be nice to know that nothing is wrong and to know the progress of the package. I was told that there would be a tracking number for the package but never received one. Is there a tracking number? When should I be worried about a prize taking too long to arrive?



A large part depends on the size of the prize and the distance it's being sent.

You should send a message to service@instructables.com for issues like this.

I had the same email, at about the same time and no tracking number which is a bit unusual. So I have the same question

have you checked your email? I usually get the tracking codes there