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Prize? Answered

I've never won anything on Instructables before. What do we do now, to make sure our prize is shipped to the correct address?


I won a patch a couple months ago. I got an email within a few days of contest end, asking for my mailing address. It took another couple weeks for my patch to arrive. It's so cool, I still haven't decided what to do with it, lol.

Still waiting on a few of my prizes, but I am sure they will arive soon.

I got mine a week ago Thanks :D

Be patient young chaps. The crew at instructables always sends you a PM about the prize you won and how to redeem it.

I haven't gotten a pm either, and its been quite a while... Did anyone else get theirs?


10 years ago

Haven't heard anything yet myself... ohh well, i can wait a couple more days :)

thanks, I just wasnt sure.

Oh there's a reply button on the bottom right of posts... Use that to reply to people... Also they'll usually just direct you to the shop for their own stuff with a special voucher code for you, though sometimes they just get you to reply via PM with address etc.

You'll get a PM from one of the contest organisers, or an intern, either asking for your correct postal address or directing you to another url to input your details (depending on the prize you've won). Relax, it can take a day or three anyway, and it's the weekend for Instructables as well as us.