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Pro Membership Committment Answered

I am very confused by the membership options and can find no real explanation of what I would be committing to.  Is it possible to sign up for one month only?  I am interested in a trial basis membership but do not want to be committed to a year long membership until I can feel the site out a bit.

Thank you.


There's not a lot of difference to the "feel" of the site, whether you are a free member or a pro member. The real differences are in the number of visible adverts, and the number of features you have available when posting projects.

As Scoochmaroo says, the best way to get a "trial" pro membership is to publish a project that gets Featured by the Community Team, which earns you a three-month pro account.

In the mean-time, check your inbox.

One of the best ways to "try on" a Pro membership is to post a project! Every project that gets featured is awarded with a Pro membership at no cost to you.