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Pro users receiving banner ads? Answered

For a long while, the only ads I was seeing on Instructables pages were internal -- mostly examples of highly rated/featured I'bles, or contest announcements.

Starting today (24 Mar 2010), I am seeing banner and sidebar ads.  This isn't a big deal, except that a lot of them have been those really annoying rollover-giant-box type.  This makes it quite cumbersome to navigate on the page, and in particular, to do anything where your mouse has to go near the masthead.


BUMP RE-BUMP.  This is weird!  The most recently uploaded Instructable, "Trash Rocks" causes me to see banner ads.  If I back out of that I'ble, then go and reload other tabs, the banner ads disappear and are replaced by the usual I'bles internals.

As noted in a reply to Eric above, we are now (Jessy, Nacho, and myself, at least) are getting sidebar ads on I'bles, forum topics, and the forums summary page.

 I am getting a set of verizon ads right now. I also had a few drop-down ads earlier.

I'm only seeing internal ads.

 It is fixed now, I am getting the internal ones now

I am not having the problem anymore either...

Me too. Banners and sidebars on some pages, just sidebars on others.

Looks like it.  As of 2:30, Cloude reported a fix which I confirmed.  Hopefully the two irate users are also less annoyed.

Should be fixed now. 

Hmmm....I'm still getting real ads -- for example, "Google -- Get a free business page on Google", or the "Protege MVP" shoe add with the big popup box.  I'll wait another hour or so to see whether there's a server caching issue.

Thanks for the follow up, Eric!

This should *really* be fixed now. Let us know if it's not.

Hi, Cloude.  Somebody touched something during work hours :-)  The banner ads are back again, as of 3:38 pm 22 April 2010.

Are you still seeing them? I'm pretty sure that was my fault as we're cleaning up our ad server.

Okay, as of now, they are gone, and we're back to just I'bles internal stuff.  Thanks!

I would highly recommend that you post exactly the same one-line comment to the two threads from rather incensed users :-)

Yep!  I just reloaded all tabs, and it's back the way it was last week.  Thanks, Cloude!

As of 3:38 pm today (22 April 2010), I briefly started seeing the full set of banner ads within I'bles.  Now, the banner ads are back to normal, but I'm getting sidebar ads in the forums listing page, as well as within forum topics and Instructables.

 I've got banners and sidebar ads still in all instructables. Happy I'm not the only one, though, haha. :)

.  I'm looking at a huge Scotch-Brite ad.
.  Oh. They do shrink back to normal size after a while (~10 sec).

In fact, I get the stupid "mom white teeth trick" side ads, as well. -_-

 Beth, I expected you of all people here to have some kind of adblock in place?

If not.. we need to have a long talk.

.  It wouldn't be as irritating if the ads would shrink when the mouse is moved off the ad instead of blocking things until you click a btn.

 Especially when that button is covered by the ad to the right of it.

.  Yuck. Fortunately, I didn't run into that little quirk.

We made some changes to our ad server, and apparently didn't get it right.  I'll investigate. 

Okay, no worries!  At least my MacBook is mostly safe from the evil banner ad virus distribution :-)


8 years ago

 I am too and the banner ads at the top are scrolling over the pro section. It might be a bug with the update to the system (the cuttout type lines around sub comments)

This problem also makes me happy that the pro forums are on top. The Non-pro members who always get this are not affected as badly by those scroll-down ads because they only cover our forums, and not theirs.

Also, the trigger that I believe closes them is stuck behind the side ad which makes them impossible to close.

Er, wasn't part of the reason for going pro to get fewer annoying ads?