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Problem: outdoor to ipod speakers Answered

whats up guys,
slightly new, and just became slightly become obsessed with instructables.

But i currently have a pair of old speakers(outdoor) Online Pic. of Them. My goal was to take those speakers and turn them into portable ipod speakers. I took a pair of old headphones and cut the wires at the earpieces so i have the wire. When i cut the headphone wire, there is a white and red wire, but there is another wire that isnt wrapped and is just a bunch of minicopper strands. I ignore the minicopper strands and hooked the white and red strands to the back of the speakers and tried to play it through my ipod and it worked, sort of. I can hear music out of the speakers but its distorted like there is a loose connection somewhere but ive quadruple checked them. any ideas or suggestions?

thanks in advanced!




10 years ago

I'd first make sure the speakers are wall- or battery-powered. If they aren't, you aren't going to hear a loud sound.

Each strand of headphone wire should have two leads, one for each speaker. As I recall from some projects I have done, I used the copper strands. There was the copper strand and another wrapped wire. Each speaker takes two leads. There are two leads in each strand of wire. (You know how the headphone wire is stuck together, then you can pull it apart). So I would just experiment with the wires..