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Problem with Samsung New PC Studio for mobile(S3500): USB device identified as Custt13 Development Platform ? Answered

     I recently bought a Samsung Mobile (S3500) and installed its PC software (New PC Studio) along with the USB drivers into my computer.

    But when I plugged the USB into the PC, a message came Custt13 Development  Platform Found and the Found New Hardware Wizard of Windows tells a problem with the installation of this CUSTT13 development platform and asks for the re-installation of its drivers. The New PC Studio also tells of an error during software installation and that it won't work properly. Despite of installing and uninstalling the software(New PC Studio) many a times I have no relief.

    Moreover, the Device Manager  identifies the USB cable connected to my mobile and to the PC at other end as "Other Devices" and not as a USB device.

Please help.




7 years ago

sorry for the long delay...
the problem solved when I individually installed each of the driver

Hey thanks for answering. The software(New PC Studio) and the USB drivers are compatible with my OS(Windows xp). But the problem still persists.

Hmm, go back to Samsung, see what they say. Unless someone has experienced exactly the same problem, "we" are unlikely to know any better.