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Problem with more identical pieces - Artcam? Answered

i just bought a new CNC machine and im totally new at all this. I would like to make about 400 same pieces (for replacing old pieces on our home outdoor blinds), but i dont know how to fill my model in artcam with as many pieces as i can - to copy the existing one i already draw and to make as much as i can from my ABS board, with toolpaths. i hope i was clear an i hope you can help me. thank you!

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-05-02

My knowledge of Artcam is limited to what's covered in this class. I would suggest enrolling in the Artcam-Class and asking your question there.

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tom4000 (author)JON-A-TRON2017-05-31

Artcam has a nesting feature that will do this for you. set a few parameters, like margin width and minimum distance between parts, and it will fit as many as possible on your sheet size. If grain direction is important, you can restrict artcam to not rotate parts, or if grain doesn't matter you can allow artcam to rotate parts to fit more on the sheet. Hope this helped.

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