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Problem with pdf file UPLOAD Answered

Hi there,

I have a strange problem: Each time I try to upload a pdf-file into on of my new made instructables, it just happens nothing.
I can upload pictures with the new and the old uploader, but when I try to upload a pdf-file, the file upload-dialog closes and nothing appears in the library or on the recent upload list. Sometimes instead of the pdf, the last uploaded picture appears on the list.

I already tried deleting all the cookies and restarting the system, no success.
Currently I'm working with WinXP and firefox, but I also tried from another computer with Opera and IE.

I guess it's some kind of bug in the uploader, or not?



Looks like it was a real ugly bug...

But now it's working again!

Thanks to all!

Could you try using the "old uploader" and see if that makes a difference? With the old-style uploader, you could provide any kind of file and it would work just as you expect.

I just tried it again and with the old uploader I get the last uploaded picture instead of the pdf-file.
I select the pdf-file and click on upload, then after a few seconds, the last uploaded picture appears in the list, even if the picture is no longer present in my system! So it must be taken from the server.

I also just tried something else than jpgs and pdfs. So I uploaded a schematics file. No problem. But with pdfs, no upload!
If I select multiple files for an upload with the old uploader, the last non-pdf file appears twice instead of the pdf file. :-((((

Argh. I wish I could give you a solution -- I'm just a user, like you. It's 11 pm in California. I expect that Staff will see this bug report tomorrow morning, and it'll get put onto the queue of things to be fixed.

If you don't see any follow-ups in the next couple of days, send a PM to StumpChunkman. He's the victim staff member who's supposed to catch and prioritize bug reports.

It's not working for me either, which is never a good sign.

It's been passed on to the appropriate people.

Actually, Matt, that's a great sign, at least for the rest of us! It means there's a real bug, which can be reproduced, isolated, and fixed.